Halal Certification Authority funding Terror? You decide.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Halal Certification Authority funding Terror? You decide.

Many regular Australians from different walks of life are opposed to Halal Certification. Why? It doesn’t make the food taste any different and it brings money into our economy. It allows our businesses to export to Islamic countries and anyone who dares oppose it must have Islamophobia, right? These seem to be the main reasons why some don’t see an issue with this. So what about the other side of this coin? The side that is kept in the shadows? The side that no one is allowed to talk about? The side that has been reported to support Islamic terror groups, substantial size groups that are hurting, killing, subduing and quietening millions of innocent people for what they believe to be Islam’s ultimate goal, world domination. Sounds like a cartoon plot. But it’s not a cartoon, this is what people are living, what humanity is facing. This is the very real threat of violence that we are now facing from the Muslim world. Muslims who have fled the violence are now facing it again alongside Westerners who have never encountered this sort of violence and have no idea how to stop it. We all need to stand together on these issues. Muslims and Non Muslims alike, side by side to stop the violence and persecution in our secular countries where we do have a say.

Mohamed El Mouelhy freely bandies around the term ‘bigot’ and directs it at any person who is concerned about these issues, it’s not hard to understand why. It’s how he makes his rather comfortable lifestyle. Is he concerned that if too many people ask questions, he won’t be quite so comfortable so he needs to place ugly labels on people to keep them quiet? I don’t agree that those who are concerned are bigots, I believe we need more people like them. More people concerned about where that money is actually going. Is that money being used to fund his goals? Or is it being used to further Islam’s goal?

So for the moment, I’m going to be a ‘bigot’ and ask questions. I’m going to tell you what I have found out from a couple of news stories that we all seem to be ignoring about this particular business and its rogue mouthpiece, El Mouelhy. What is the kingpin of Halal certification saying to the Australian people? The following are statements taken from his public facebook page and directed at the Australian people, his customers. His customers who, for the most part are non muslims and have no choice but to support his business, last I checked we had a choice on which businesses we supported. Not anymore in this climate of Islamophobia.

“Thank you for funding my lifestyle, and my wife’s shoes”.

“Muslims don’t buy from Supermarkets, they buy from Halal Certified butchers”. 
(So why are the major supermarkets paying this certification? So that we can buy your wife shoes? I thought the Certification was to tell Muslims what is safe for their consumption?)

“I receive a fee for certifying pork products haram” 
(But don’t Muslims already know they can’t eat pork? Oh that’s right. It’s for your wife’s shoes. Whether or not this is a true statement is yet to be discovered, what I see it as, is a deliberate taunt to non muslims).

“Stopping certification is like stopping a Mack truck with a pebble”. 
(Mr El Mouthy, a truck can indeed be flipped with many pebbles of the right size. You cannot take them all to court).

“I control your diet and there is no escaping”. 
(No Mr Mouthy, you don’t control our diet. What you do is make yourself responsible for companies like Cadbury going out of business. Because people don’t think it is right that Easter Eggs are certified for those who don’t celebrate this Christian custom. The lifestyle you are funding is destroying businesses and lives, but I’m glad your wife has pretty shoes).

“My charity is for Muslims only, because Australians can support themselves”. 
(How charitable)

So lets have a look at the charities that this business supports (you can find them tucked away nicely on his website here http://www.halal-australia.com.au/recognition-and-affiliation/).

Muslim Aid – a charity established by activists from Jamaat-e-Islami, the sub-continental cousin of the Muslim Brotherhood. Founding members included Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, the British Muslim community leader recently convicted by the Bangladesh war crimes tribunal for his involvement in the mass-murder of teachers and intellectuals during the 1971 Liberation War. In 2010, The Daily Telegraph reported that Muslim Aid had funded charities connected to Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These funds included a grant of £13,998 to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, designated by the U.S. government as a “sponsor of terrorism.”

Islamic Relief – an enormous British charity, which, in 2012, raised over £100 million [over $160 million]. Islamic Relief has received donations from terror-connected Yemeni charities, such as the Charitable Society for Social Welfare, which was established by the US-designated terrorist and “Bin Laden loyalist” Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani. In Gaza, Islamic Relief’s branches have supported Hamas-run institutions, including the Islamic University of Gaza and the Al Falah Benevolent Society. Islamic Relief’s Directors have included Ahmed Al-Rawi, the former President of the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief lobby group in Britain, who, in 2004, signed a declaration in support of jihad against British and American forces in Iraq.

Human Appeal International – a UK-registered charity accused by the CIA and FBI of being “a fundraiser for Hamas.” The charity is a proscribed “Hamas-affiliated” organisation in Israel, and both the US Internal Revenue Service and State Department consider it to be a terror-funding entity. Human Appeal International has often promoted extremist preachers in Britain. In 2011, for instance, the charity hosted an event with Haitham al-Haddad, an Islamist preacher who regards Jews as “enemies of god, and the descendants of apes and pigs” and has stated that, “Allah’s law [will] govern the whole earth, and for no other law to remain.” Human Appeal (Australia) raises much of its funds through an annual concert called ‘Sounds of Light’, held at the end of each year at Flemington Racecourse Melbourne, Olympic Park Sydney, Adelaide Town Hall and Riverside Theatre, Perth. A major ‘Gold’ sponsor of Sounds of Light is Halal Helpline (www.halalhelpline.org). An annual Gold sponsorship is $20,000. Halal Helpline is owned and run by, wait for it, none other than Mohamed El Mouelhy of the Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd. Funding terrorism attracts a ten year jail term Mr El Mouelhy, so you’d better grab your toothbrush and a cake of soap.

Al-Imdaad Foundation – a South African charity, the British branch of which has previously partnered with Viva Palestina, the pro-Hamas charity established by George Galloway and that included Hamas activists among its staff. One of Al-Imdaad’s trustees, Qari Ziyaad Patel, has written and sung a nasheed  [Islamic song] in praise of the Taliban. In 2012-13, Al-Imdaad’s British branch raised over £400,000 for the IHH, a Turkish charity widely accused of funding terrorism and that publicly supports Hamas. Al-Imdaad UK has also given over £50,000 (over $80,000) to the Zamzam Foundation, a Somali charity run by the Saudi funded Somali Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, events organized by Al-Imdaad UK have included speakers such as Maulana Sulaimaan Ravat, a South African preacher who has propagated conspiracy theories that Jews overthrew Libya’s dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, in order to steal Libya’s oil reserves.

The questions that need to be asked are, is Mr El Mouelhy aware that he is supporting radical charities? Or has he spent too much time taunting the Australian people and tying them up in court to investigate where the money may be going? Does Mr Mouthy sound like a man who wants his business to prosper? A man who wants to put the minds of the public at ease? A generous, peaceful charitable man? A man that you want to support?

Now I’m not privy to all the details that our authorities have, but it seems to me that if we are serious about stopping Islamic terror from reaching our shores, then we need to look at where these ‘businesses’ are sending their money and what they are supporting. Political Correctness is good for issues that hurt another person but when it becomes a danger to humanity it is no longer political correctness, but rather ignorance. A very dangerous ignorance indeed.

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Halal Certification; A trillion dollar issue that needs regulating

Halal Certification is a matter of growing concern in Australia, with more people realizing the depth of the lucrative enforcement of religious values on the average consumer with every day products onn supermarket shelves. And so it halal should be; whether you are religious or not, you pay for it. You pay a percentage of each sale to one of the several halal certification authorities, who for decades have skated under the radar, not being held accountable for where these funds actually go.

Now that people are becoming more aware of this rapidly growing, large profit margin industry, more details are coming to light. The Australian newspaper source revealed in May this year;

“A NUMBER of the region’s top Muslim leaders signed a secret deal in Mecca last year to tie up more of the $1 trillion halal certification market. The meeting was called by a Saudi-born ultra-orthodox Wahhabi leader in a bid to set up a new umbrella organisation and investment fund to control the booming market. Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen al-Turki, “honorary president” of the World Muslim League, brought together a range of figures to conquer and divide the multimillion-dollar market.
Embattled Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Hafez Kassem, Australia’s “Mr Saudi”, Sha­fiq Khan, hard line preacher Sheik Omar El-Banna, and Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Moham­med, were all present and all signed the document.
“The federation shall seek to set up an Islamic investment fund to invest in good-return projects, especially in the area of halal food of all kinds, as well as investing in the establishment of an Islamic abattoir,” states the agreement.
It was reportedly discussed that 70 per cent of the profits from the investment fund would be distributed among the various signatories and 30 per cent would go to the World Muslim League, which is funded by the Saudi regime.
The Grand Mufti signed the agreement representing his own centre, the Australian Islamic Culture Establishment, and not the Australian National Imams Council.
National-Assembly1“The intention was that a bank account would be created, a kitty, and these people would be the custodians of the fund,” one man told The Australian.
“They worked out the distribution formula and some of that money would go to the league. Whether that goes to their Australian office (in Melbourne) or back to Saudi Arabia, we do not know.”

With the vague manner in which the large profits are distributed, it is time that the whole certification financial system be submitted to regulation and transparency. While removing and banning halal certification is a nice pipe dream for those who oppose it, the reality is that it is here to stay, for better or for worse.

Here are some thoughts on how this could be facilitated. As for anyone to think this cannot happen is not being realistic in the current world we live in. So on that note and in no particular order;
1) All certification schemes must be run by a government department and not tendered out to any publicly listed or even privately owned company to run and administer. Companies that have products where certification is required are subject to an annual fee of a minimum $1,000 to a maximum of $10,000.00, dependent on the amount of products that require certification.

2) All products that are subject to any form of certification must be clearly labelled so all consumers can make clear and concise choices when shopping.

3) Any products exported to nations requiring certification must only be paid for by those countries.

4) The administration fees for any certification for products must be publicly declared so consumers are aware of how much money they are spending towards this fee. This must be declared on an annual basis.

5) All revenue raised after administration costs must be made public and be reasonable i.e. no $100,000+ salaries for someone to manage this or ridiculous numbers of staff or staff salaries. These must be up for public scrutiny on an annual basis as to where this income and its profits are being spent within the broader Australian community.

6) Any religious entity will no longer be able to receive public funding from the government. Any income generated by religious entities must be disclosed and charged at company tax rates. The amount of public certification monies received by religious entities (including and not limited to private schools) is dependent on their annual income. Public schools to receive tax payer money as per normal on top of any funds distributed from the certification profits.

7) Profits from this scheme are to go towards helping the disadvantaged people in the community subject to means testing where financial assistance is required, community events etc, and programs that will aid and assist all members of the community i.e. providing shelter and food for Australia’s homeless people, community libraries and so on.

8) Products where certification is required must be limited to 1% rising to no more than 5% domestically. These products will reflect this in higher charges to consumers requiring each level of certification, i.e. beef that requires certification may be up to $1-$5 (not per kilo and subject to demand) more expensive than beef not requiring certification.

9) Only one company is to be subject to paying any certification fee. For example either the manufacturer of beef products is subjected to the certification fee, the transport company or the on seller of the final product is to note this is explicitly not for everyone company within the process to pay part of the certification fee if they were subject prior to this proposal.

10) An end to workplace discrimination where no employee is employed on religious grounds over any other potential employee. All manufacturers, delivery agents, sellers are to comply with national standards.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think; how could halal certification be better regulated if it is to stay? Leave your comments, or as always you can join the discussion on facebook; JOIN TTEONB on FACEBOOK or on twitter at JOIN TTEONB on TWITTER

164 Jihad Verses in the Koran

PLease keep in mind Sura 3.7 whilst reading through this list

It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise – they are the foundation of the Book – and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah . But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

I. Introduction

A. Jihad Verse Selection Criteria

Each of the 164 Jihad verses in this list was selected based on how clearly and directly it spoke about Jihad, at least when considered in its immediate context. Most of the listed passages mention a military expedition, fighting, or distributing war spoils. Verses NOT generally listed are those that speak about aspects of Jihad other than the raiding, fighting and looting, such as:

  • Muhammad‘s poor opinion of those who did not go on Jihad, even though they were able-bodied and able financially (for instance, some verses in K 009:081-096),
  • The heavenly rewards for Jihadists, and
  • The many generic mentions of “victory” found in the Koran.

Such omitted verses can readily be found in proximity to the Jihad verses listed below.

B. Related Issues

Abrogation is a reoccurring topic whenever verses of the Koran are discussed. As a rule, later verses counseling Holy War, such the Sword Verse (K 009:005), abrogate earlier verses counseling tolerance and peace, such as K 002:256. The Sword Verse is just one of the 164 Jihad verses listed below. It follows that not many, if any, of the Holy War verses in this list are abrogated.
The list gives the verses in the order they occur in the Koran, but this is not the chronological order the verses were written. To gain a deeper understanding of the verses, one can study these verses in chronological order, and also consult articles and commentaries for the historical context. A good place to start is Rev. Richard P. Bailey’s article, “Jihad: The Teaching of Islam From Its Primary Sources—The Quran and Hadith,” www.Answering-Islam.org/Bailey/jihad.html.

Translation used: M. H. Shakir, published by Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, Inc., 1983, unless otherwise indicated.

The Koran‘s 164 Jihad Verses
K 2:178-179
Set 1, Count 1+2
[2.178] O you who believe! retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the slain, the free for the free, and the slave for the slave, and the female for the female, but if any remission is made to any one by his (aggrieved) brother, then prosecution (for the bloodwit) should be made according to usage, and payment should be made to him in a good manner; this is an alleviation from your Lord and a mercy; so whoever exceeds the limit after this he shall have a painful chastisement. [2.179] And there is life for you in (the law of) retaliation, O men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves.
K 2:190-191
Set 2, Count 3+4
[2.190] And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you, and do not exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits. [2.191] And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.
K 2:193-194
Set 3, Count 5+6
[2.193] And fight with them until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for Allah, but if they desist, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors. [2.194] The Sacred month for the sacred month and all sacred things are (under the law of) retaliation; whoever then acts aggressively against you, inflict injury on him according to the injury he has inflicted on you and be careful (of your duty) to Allah and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).
K 2:216-218
Set 4, Count 7-9
[2.216] Fighting is enjoined on you, and it is an object of dislike to you; and it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you, and Allah knows, while you do not know. [2.217] They ask you concerning the sacred month about fighting in it. Say: Fighting in it is a grave matter, and hindering (men) from Allah‘s way and denying Him, and (hindering men from) the Sacred Mosque and turning its people out of it, are still graver with Allah, and persecution is graver than slaughter; and they will not cease fighting with you until they turn you back from your religion, if they can; and whoever of you turns back from his religion, then he dies while an unbeliever—these it is whose works shall go for nothing in this world and the hereafter, and they are the inmates of the fire; therein they shall abide. [2.218] Surely those who believed and those who fled (their home) and strove hard in the way of Allah these hope for the mercy of Allah and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
K 2:244
Set 5, Count 10
And fight in the way of Allah, and know that Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
K 3:121-126
Set 6, Count 11-16
[3.121] And when you did go forth early in the morning from your family to lodge the believers in encampments for war and Allah is Hearing, Knowing. [3.122] When two parties from among you had determined that they should show cowardice [about Jihad], and Allah was the guardian of them both, and in Allah should the believers trust. [3.123] And Allah did certainly assist you at [the Battle of] Badr when you were weak; be careful of (your duty to) Allah then, that you may give thanks. [3.124] When you said to the believers: Does it not suffice you that your Lord should assist you with three thousand of the angels sent down? [3.125] Yea! if you remain patient and are on your guard, and they come upon you in a headlong manner, your Lord will assist you with five thousand of the havoc-making angels. [3.126] And Allah did not make it but as good news for you, and that your hearts might be at ease thereby, and victory is only from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.
K 3:140-143
Set 7, Count 17-20
[3.140] If a wound has afflicted you (at [the Battle of] Uhud), a wound like it has also afflicted the (unbelieving) people; and We bring these days to men by turns, and that Allah may know those who believe and take witnesses from among you; and Allah does not love the unjust. [3.141] And that He [Allah] may purge those who believe and deprive the unbelievers of blessings.[3.142] Yusuf Ali: Did ye think that ye would enter Heaven without God testing those of you who fought hard (in His Cause) and remained steadfast? [3.143] Pickthall: And verily ye used to wish for death before ye met it (in the field). Now ye have seen it [death] with your eyes!
K 3:146
Set 8, Count 21
Yusuf Ali: How many of the prophets fought (in Allah‘s way) [Jihad], and with them (fought) large bands of godly men? But they never lost heart if they met with disaster in Allah‘s way [lost a battle], nor did they weaken (in will) nor give in. And Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast [in Jihad].
K 3:152-158
Set 9, Count 22-28
[3.152] And certainly Allah made good to you His promise when you slew them by His [Allah‘s] permission [during a Jihad battle], until when you became weak-hearted and disputed about the affair and disobeyed after He [Allah] had shown you that which you loved; of you were some who desired this world and of you were some who desired the hereafter; then He [Allah] turned you away from them that He might try you; and He has certainly pardoned you, and Allah is Gracious to the believers. [3.153] Pickthall: When ye climbed (the hill) and paid no heed to anyone, while the messenger, in your rear, was calling you (to fight). Therefore He rewarded you grief for (his) grief, that (He might teach) you not to sorrow either for that which ye missed [war spoils] or for that which befell you. Allah is informed of what ye do. [3.154] Then after sorrow He sent down security upon you, a calm coming upon a party of you, and (there was) another party whom their own souls had rendered anxious; they entertained about Allah thoughts of ignorance quite unjustly, saying: We have no hand in the affair. Say: Surely the affair is wholly (in the hands) of Allah. They conceal within their souls what they would not reveal to you. They say: Had we any hand in the affair, we would not have been slain here [in a Jihad battle]. Say: Had you remained in your houses, those for whom slaughter was ordained [in a Jihad battle] would certainly have gone forth to the places where they would be slain, and that Allah might test what was in your breasts and that He might purge what was in your hearts; and Allah knows what is in the breasts. [3.155] (As for) those of you who turned back on the day when the two armies met, only the Satan sought to cause them to make a slip on account of some deeds they had done, and certainly Allah has pardoned them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing. [3.156] O you who believe! be not like those who disbelieve and say of their brethren when they travel in the earth or engage in fighting: Had they been with us, they would not have died and they would not have been slain; so Allah makes this to be an intense regret in their hearts; and Allah gives life and causes death and Allah sees what you do. [3.157] And if you are slain in the way of Allah or you die, certainly forgiveness from Allah and mercy is better than what they amass [what those who stay home from Jihad receive—no booty and no perks in heaven]. [3.158] And if indeed you die or you are slain, certainly to Allah shall you be gathered together.
K 3:165-167
Set 10, Count 29-31
[3.165] What! when a misfortune befell you, and you [Muslims] had certainly afflicted (the unbelievers) with twice as much [with Jihad], you began to say: Whence is this? Say: It is from yourselves; surely Allah has power over all things. [3.166] And what befell you on the day when the two armies met ([the Battle of] Uhud) was with Allah‘s knowledge, and that He might know the believers. [3.167] And that He might know the hypocrites; and it was said to them: Come, fight in Allah‘s way, or defend yourselves. They said: If we knew fighting, we would certainly have followed you. They were on that day much nearer to unbelief than to belief. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts, and Allah best knows what they conceal.
K 3:169
Set 11, Count 32
And reckon not those who are killed in Allah‘s way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord [meaning they are enjoying their 72 virgins in heaven];
K 3:172-173
Set 12, Count 33+34
[3.172] (As for) those who responded (at [the Battle of] Uhud) to the call of Allah and the Apostle after a wound had befallen them, those among them who do good (to others) and guard (against evil) shall have a great reward. [3.173] Those to whom the people said: Surely men have gathered against you [in battle], therefore fear them, but this increased their faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector.
K 3:195
Set 13, Count 35
So their Lord accepted their prayer: That I will not waste the work of a worker among you, whether male or female, the one of you being from the other; they, therefore, who fled and were turned out of their homes and persecuted in My way and who fought and were slain, I will most certainly cover their evil deeds, and I will most certainly make them enter gardens beneath which rivers flow; a reward from Allah, and with Allah is yet better reward.
K 4:071-072
Set 14, Count 36+37
[4.71] O you who believe! take your precaution, then go forth in detachments or go forth in a body [to war]. [4.72] And surely among you is he who would certainly hang back [from Jihad]! If then a misfortune befalls you he says: Surely Allah conferred a benefit on me that I was not present with them [in Jihad].
K 4:074-077
Set 15, Count 38-41
[4.74] Therefore let those fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world’s life for the hereafter; and whoever fights in the way of Allah, then be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward. [4.75] And what reason have you that you should not fight in the way of Allah and of the weak among the men and the women and the children, (of) those who say: Our Lord! cause us to go forth from this town, whose people are oppressors, and give us from Thee a guardian and give us from Thee a helper. [4.76] Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the Satan. Fight therefore against the friends of the Satan; surely the strategy of the Satan is weak. [4.77] Have you not seen those to whom it was said: Withhold your hands, and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate; but when fighting is prescribed for them, lo! a party of them fear men as they ought to have feared Allah, or (even) with a greater fear, and say: Our Lord! why hast Thou ordained fighting for us? Wherefore didst Thou not grant us a delay to a near end? Say: The provision of this world is short, and the hereafter is better for him who guards (against evil); and you shall not be wronged the husk of a date stone.
K 4:084
Set 16, Count 42
Fight then in Allah‘s way; this is not imposed on you except in relation to yourself, and rouse the believers to ardor maybe Allah will restrain the fighting of those who disbelieve and Allah is strongest in prowess and strongest to give an exemplary punishment.
K 4:089-091
Set 17, Count 43-45
[4.89] They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah‘s way; but if they turn back [to their homes], then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper. [4.90] Except those who reach a people between whom and you there is an alliance, or who come to you, their hearts shrinking from fighting you or fighting their own people; and if Allah had pleased, He would have given them power over you, so that they should have certainly fought you; therefore if they withdraw from you and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah has not given you a way against them [Allah supposedly does not allow Muslims to fight people friendly to Muslims]. [4.91] You will find others who desire that they should be safe from you and secure from their own people; as often as they are sent back to the mischief they get thrown into it headlong; therefore if they do not withdraw from you, and (do not) offer you peace and restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these We have given you a clear authority.
K 4:094-095
Set 18, Count 46+47
[4.94] O you who believe! when you go to war in Allah‘s way, make investigation, and do not say to any one who offers you peace: You are not a believer. Do you seek goods of this world’s life! [Meaning that Muslim ought not say someone is a non-Muslim just to plunder him.] But with Allah there are abundant gains; you too were such before, then Allah conferred a benefit on you; therefore make investigation; surely Allah is aware of what you do. [4.95] The holders back from among the believers, not having any injury, and those who strive hard [Jihad] in Allah‘s way with their property and their persons are not equal; Allah has made the strivers with their property and their persons to excel the holders back a (high) degree, and to each (class) Allah has promised good; and Allah shall grant to the strivers [i.e., Jihadist] above the holders back a mighty reward:
K 4:100-104
Set 19, Count 48-52
[4.100] And whoever flies in Allah‘s way [forsakes his home to fight in Jihad], he will find in the earth many a place of refuge and abundant resources, and whoever goes forth from his house flying to Allah and His Apostle, and then death overtakes him [in Jihad], his reward is indeed with Allah and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [4.101] Rodwell: And when ye go forth to war in the land, it shall be no crime in you to cut short your prayers, if ye fear lest the infidels come upon you; Verily, the infidels are your undoubted enemies! [4.102] And when you are among them and keep up the prayer for them, let a party of them stand up with you, and let them take their arms; then when they have prostrated themselves let them go to your rear, and let another party who have not prayed come forward and pray with you, and let them take their precautions and their arms; (for) those who disbelieve desire that you may be careless of your arms and your luggage, so that they may then turn upon you with a sudden united attack, and there is no blame on you, if you are annoyed with rain or if you are sick, that you lay down your arms, and take your precautions; surely Allah has prepared a disgraceful chastisement for the unbelievers. [4.103] Khalifa: Once you complete your Contact Prayer (Salat), you shall remember GOD while standing, sitting, or lying down. Once the war is over, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat); the Contact Prayers (Salat) are decreed for the believers at specific times. [4.104] And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain, and you hope from Allah what they do not hope; and Allah is Knowing, Wise.
K 4:141
Set 20, Count 53
Sher Ali: Those who await your ruin. If you have a victory [in Jihad] from Allah, they say, ‘Were we not with you?’ And if the disbelievers have a share of it, they say to them, ‘Did we not on a previous occasion get the better of you and save you from the believers?’ Allah will judge between you on the day of Resurrection; and Allah will not grant the disbelievers a way to prevail against the believers.
K 5:033
Set 21, Count 54
The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned [Pickthall and Yusuf Ali have “exiled” rather than “imprisoned”]; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,
K 5:035
Set 22, Count 55
O you who believe! be careful of (your duty to) Allah and seek means of nearness to Him and strive hard [at Jihad] in His way that you may be successful.
K 5:082
Set 23, Count 56
Certainly you will find the most violent of people in enmity for those who believe (to be) the Jews [compare ” with “whenever Jews kindle fire for war, Allah [Muslims] puts it out” (K 005:064)] and those who are polytheists [while they are converted to Islam on pain of death]
K 8:001
Set 24, Count 57
Pickthall: They ask thee (O Muhammad) of the spoils of war. Say: The spoils of war belong to Allah and the messenger, so keep your duty to Allah, and adjust the matter of your difference, and obey Allah and His messenger, if ye are (true) believers.
K 8:005
Set 25, Count 58
Even as your Lord caused you to go forth from your house with the truth, though a party of the believers were surely averse;
K 8:007
Set 26, Count 59
Yusuf Ali: Behold! Allah promised you one of the two (enemy) parties, that it should be yours: Ye wished that the one unarmed should be yours, but Allah willed to justify the Truth according to His words and to cut off the roots of the Unbelievers;
K 8:009-010
Set 27, Count 60+61
[8.9]When you sought aid from your Lord [at the Battle of Badr], so He answered you: I will assist you [in Jihad] with a thousand of the angels following one another [see K 008:012]. [8.10] And Allah only gave it as a good news and that your hearts might be at ease thereby; and victory is only from Allah; surely Allah is Mighty, Wise.
K 8:012
Set 28, Count 62
When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.
K 8:015-017
Set 29, Count 63-65
[8.15] O you who believe! when you meet those who disbelieve marching for war, then turn not your backs to them. [8.16] And whoever shall turn his back to them on that day—unless he turn aside for the sake of fighting or withdraws to a company—then he, indeed, becomes deserving of Allah‘s wrath, and his abode is hell; and an evil destination shall it be. [8.17] So you did not slay them, but it was Allah Who slew them, and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote [Allah gets the credit for Jihad], and that He might confer upon the believers a good gift from Himself; surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
K 8:039-048
Set 30, Count 66-75
[8.39] Shakir: And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah; but if they desist, then surely Allah sees what they do. [8.40] Yusuf Ali: If they [unbelievers] refuse [to stop fighting], be sure that God is your Protector—the best to protect and the best to help. [8.41] Shakir: And know that whatever thing [loot] you gain, a fifth of it is for Allah and for the Apostle and for the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, if you believe in Allah and in that which We revealed to Our servant, on the day of distinction, the day on which the two parties met [in a Jihad versus anti-Jihad battle]; and Allah has power over all things. [8.42] When you were on the nearer side (of the valley) and they were on the farthest side, while the caravan was in a lower place than you [the Makkan caravan the Muslims robbed]; and if you had mutually made an appointment, you would certainly have broken away from the appointment, but—in order that Allah might bring about a matter which was to be done, that he who would perish might perish by clear proof [bring success to Muslims engaged in robbing a caravan near Badr against all the odds], and he who would live might live by clear proof; and most surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing; [8.43] When Allah showed them [the Makkans] to you in your dream as few [fighters]; and if He had shown them [the Makkans] to you as many [fighters] you would certainly have become weak-hearted [i.e., hearts. See the similar discussion in K 002:249 about how a smaller army can defeat a larger army] and you would have disputed about the matter, but Allah saved (you); surely He is the Knower of what is in the breasts. [8.44] And when He showed them to you, when you met, as few [fighters] in your eyes and He made you to appear little [few fighters] in their eyes, in order that Allah might bring about a matter which was to be done [a Jihad versus anti-Jihad battle brought on by overconfidence in each side], and to Allah are all affairs returned. [8.45] O you who believe! when you meet a party [in battle], then be firm, and remember Allah much, that you may be successful. [8.46] And obey Allah and His Apostle and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts [demoralized] and your power [to execute Jihad] will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient. [8.47] And be not like those [Makkans] who came forth from their homes [in an anti-Jihad War on Islamic terrorism] in great exultation and to be seen of men, and (who) turn away from the way of Allah, and Allah comprehends what they do. [8.48] And when the Satan made their works fair seeming to them, and [Satan] said [to the Makkans]: No one can overcome you this day, and surely I [Satan] am your protector: but when the two parties [Muslims versus Makkans] came in sight of each other he [Satan] turned upon his heels, and [Satan] said: Surely I am clear of you [the Makkans], surely I see what you do not see [Allah‘s angels], surely I fear Allah; and Allah is severe in requiting (evil).
K 8:057-060
Set 31, Count 76-79
Pickthall: [8.57] If thou come on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember. [8.58] Khalifa: When you are betrayed by a group of people, you shall mobilize against them in the same manner. GOD does not love the betrayers. [8.59] Shakir: And let not those who disbelieve think that they shall come in first; surely they will not escape. [8.60] And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know (but) Allah knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in Allah‘s way [for Jihad], it will be paid back to you fully and you shall not be dealt with unjustly.
K 8:065-075
Set 32, Count 80-90
[8.65] O Prophet! urge the believers to war; if there are twenty patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people who do not understand [in other words, “do not understand totalitarian ideologies like Islam“]. [8.66] For the present Allah has made light your burden, and He knows that there is weakness in you; so if there are a hundred patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a thousand they shall overcome two thousand by Allah‘s permission, and Allah is with the patient. [8.67] It is not fit for a prophet that he should take captives unless he has fought and triumphed in the land; you desire the frail goods [i.e., ransom money] of this world, while Allah desires (for you) the hereafter; and Allah is Mighty, Wise. [8.68] Had it not been for a previous ordainment [i.e., the revelation of K 008:067] from God, a severe penalty would have reached you for the (ransom) that you took [or better, “would have taken”]. [8.69] Eat then of the lawful and good (things) which you have acquired in war [war spoils], and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [8.70] O Prophet! say to those of the captives [non-Muslims] who are in your hands: If Allah knows anything good in your hearts, He will give to you better than that which has been taken away from you [in Jihad] and will forgive you, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [8.71] Yusuf Ali: But if they have treacherous designs against thee, (O Apostle!) , they have already been in treason against God, and so hath [has] He [Allah] given (thee) power over them. And God so He Who hath (full) knowledge and wisdom. [8.72] Yusuf Ali: Those who believed, and adopted exile, and fought for the Faith, with their property and their persons, in the cause of God, as well as those who gave (them) asylum and aid, – these are (all) friends and protectors, one of another. As to those who believed but came not into exile, ye [you] owe no duty of protection to them until they come into exile; but if they seek your aid in religion, it is your duty to help them, except against a people with whom ye have a treaty of mutual alliance. And (remember) God seeth [sees] all that ye do. [8.73] Yusuf Ali: The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief. [8.74] Yusuf Ali: Those who believe, and adopt exile, and fight for the Faith, in the cause of God as well as those who give (them) asylum and aid, – these are (all) in very truth the Believers: for them is the forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous. [8.75] Yusuf Ali: And those who accept Faith subsequently, and adopt exile, and fight for the Faith in your company,—they are of you. But kindred by blood have prior rights against each other in the Book of God. Verily God is well acquainted with all things.
K 9:005
Set 33, Count 91
So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
K 9:012-014
Set 34, Count 92-94
[9.12] And if they break their oaths after their agreement and (openly) revile your religion, then fight the leaders of unbelief—surely their oaths are nothing—so that they may desist. [9.13] What! will you not fight a people who broke their oaths and aimed at the expulsion of the Apostle, and they attacked you first; do you fear them? But Allah is most deserving that you should fear Him, if you are believers. [9.14] Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people.
K 9:016
Set 35, Count 95
What! do you think that you will be left alone while Allah has not yet known those of you who have struggled hard [Jihad] and have not taken any one as an adherent besides Allah and His Apostle and the believers; and Allah is aware of what you do.
K 9:019-020
Set 36, Count 96+97
[9.19] What! do you make (one who undertakes) the giving of drink to the pilgrims and the guarding of the Sacred Mosque like him who believes in Allah and the latter day and strives hard in Allah‘s way [Jihad]? They are not equal with Allah; and Allah does not guide the unjust people. [9.20] Those who believed and fled (their homes), and strove hard [Jihad] in Allah‘s way with their property and their souls, are much higher in rank with Allah; and those are they who are the achievers (of their objects).
K 9:024-026
Set 37, Count 98-100
[9.24] Say: If your fathers and your sons and your brethren and your mates and your kinsfolk and property which you have acquired, and the slackness of trade which you fear and dwellings which you like, are dearer to you than Allah and His Apostle and striving in His way [Jihad]:, then wait till Allah brings about His command [to go on Jihad]: and Allah does not guide the transgressing people. [9.25] Certainly Allah helped you in many battlefields and on the day of [the Battle of] Hunain, when your great numbers made you vain, but they availed you nothing and the earth became strait to you notwithstanding its spaciousness, then you turned back retreating. [9.26] Then Allah sent down His tranquility upon His Apostle and upon the believers, and sent down hosts which you did not see, and chastised those who disbelieved [Muhammad gives credit to angels and Allah for the actions of Jihadists], and that is the reward of the unbelievers.
K 9:029
Set 38, Count 101
Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.
K 9:036
Set 39, Count 102
Surely the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah‘s ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; that is the right reckoning; therefore be not unjust to yourselves regarding them, and fight the polytheists all together as they fight you all together; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).
K 9:038-039
Set 40, Count 103+104
[9.38] O you who believe! What (excuse) have you that when it is said to you: Go forth in Allah‘s way [to Jihad], you should incline heavily to earth; are you contented with this world’s life instead of the hereafter? But the provision of this world’s life compared with the hereafter is but little. [9.38] If you do not go forth [to go on Jihad], He will chastise you with a painful chastisement and bring in your place a people other than you [to go on Jihad], and you will do Him no harm; and Allah has power over all things.
K 9:041
Set 41, Count 105
They do not ask leave of you who believe in Allah and the latter day (to stay away) from striving hard with their property and their persons [Jihad], and Allah knows those who guard (against evil).
K 9:044
Set 42, Count 106
They do not ask leave of you who believe in Allah and the latter day (to stay away) from striving hard [Jihad] with their property and their persons, and Allah knows those who guard (against evil).
K 9:052
Set 43, Count 107
Say: Do you await for us but one of two most excellent things? And we await for you that Allah will afflict you with punishment from Himself or by our hands. So wait; we too will wait with you.
K 9:073
Set 44, Count 108
O Prophet! strive hard [Jihad] against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.
K 9:081
Set 45, Count 109
Those who were left behind were glad on account of their sitting behind Allah‘s Apostle and they were averse from striving m Allah‘s way [Jihad] with their property and their persons, and said: Do not go forth [to Jihad] in the heat. Say: The fire of hell is much severe in heat. Would that they understood (it).
K 9:083
Set 46, Count 110
Therefore if Allah brings you back to a party of them and then they ask your permission to go forth, say: By no means shall you ever go forth with me and by no means shall you fight an enemy with me [in Jihad]; surely you chose to sit the first time, therefore sit (now) with those who remain behind.
K 9:086
Set 47, Count 111
And whenever a chapter is revealed, saying: Believe in Allah and strive hard [in Jihad] along with His Apostle, those having ampleness of means ask permission of you and say: Leave us (behind), that we may be with those who sit.
K 9:088
Set 48, Count 112
But the Apostle and those who believe with him strive hard [in Jihad] with their property and their persons; and these it is who shall have the good things and these it is who shall be successful.
K 9:092
Set 49, Count 113
Yusuf Ali: Nor (is there blame) on those who came to thee to be provided with mounts [saddles on which to go to war], and when thou said, “I can find no mounts for you,” they turned back, their eyes streaming with tears of grief that they had no resources wherewith to provide the expenses [to go on Jihad].
K 9:111
Set 50, Count 114
Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden; they fight in Allah‘s way, so they slay and are slain; a promise which is binding on Him in the Taurat and the Injeel and the Quran; and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Rejoice therefore in the pledge which you have made; and that is the mighty achievement.
K 9:120
Set 51, Count 115
Yusuf Ali: It was not fitting for the people of Madina and the Bedouin Arabs of the neighborhood, to refuse to follow Allah‘s Messenger, nor to prefer their own lives to his: because nothing could they suffer or do, but was reckoned to their credit as a deed of righteousness,- whether they suffered thirst, or fatigue, or hunger, in the cause of Allah [while on a march to Jihad], or trod paths to raise the ire of the Unbelievers [invade their territory], or received any injury whatever from an enemy [during a Jihad battle]: for Allah suffers not the reward to be lost of those who do good;
K 9:122-123
Set 52, Count 116+117
[9.122] Pickthall: And the believers should not all go out to fight. Of every troop of them, a party only should go forth, that they (who are left behind) may gain sound knowledge in religion, and that they may warn their folk when they return to them, so that they may beware. [9.123] O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).
K 16:110
Set 53, Count 118
Yusuf Ali: But verily thy Lord,- to those who leave their homes after trials and persecutions,- and who thereafter strive and fight for the faith and patiently persevere,- Thy Lord, after all this is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.
K 22:039
Set 54, Count 119
Permission (to fight) is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is well able to assist them;
K 22:058
Set 55, Count 120
Sher Ali: And those who leave their homes for the cause of Allah, and are then slain or die, Allah will, surely, provide for them a goodly provision. And, surely, Allah is the Best of providers.
K 22:078
Set 56, Count 121
And strive hard [in Jihad] in (the way of) Allah, (such) a striving a is due to Him; He has chosen you and has not laid upon you a hardship in religion; the faith of your father Ibrahim; He named you Muslims before and in this, that the Messenger may be a bearer of witness to you, and you may be bearers of witness to the people; therefore keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and hold fast by Allah; He is your Guardian; how excellent the Guardian and how excellent the Helper!
K 24:053
Set 57, Count 122
And they swear by Allah with the most energetic of their oaths that if you command them they would certainly go forth [to Jihad (see K 024:055)]. Say: Swear not; reasonable obedience (is desired); surely Allah is aware of what you do.
K 24:055
Set 58, Count 123
Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth [as a reward for going on Jihad (see K 024:053)] as He made rulers those before them, and that He will most certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them, and that He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they shall serve Me, not associating aught with Me; and whoever is ungrateful after this, these it is who are the transgressors.
K 25:052
Set 59, Count 124
Palmer: So obey not the unbelievers and fight strenuously with them in many a strenuous fight.
K 29:006
Set 60, Count 125
And whoever strives hard [in Jihad], he strives only for his own soul; most surely Allah is Self-sufficient, above (need of) the worlds.
K 29:069
Set 61, Count 126
And (as for) those who strive hard [in Jihad] for Us [Allah], We will most certainly guide them in Our ways; and Allah is most surely with the doers of good.
K 33:015
Set 62, Count 127
Pickthall: And verily they had already sworn unto Allah that they would not turn their backs (to the foe) [in Jihad battle]. An oath to Allah must be answered for.
K 33:018
Set 63, Count 128
Allah knows indeed those among you who hinder others and those who say to their brethren: Come to us; and they come not to the fight [Jihad] but a little,
K 33:020
Set 64, Count 129
They think the allies are not gone, and if the allies should come (again) they would fain [gladly] be in the deserts with the desert Arabs asking for news about you, and if they were among you they would not fight save a little [in Jihad].
K 33:023
Set 65, Count 130
Pickthall: Of the believers are men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah. Some of them have paid their vow by death (in battle), and some of them still are waiting; and they have not altered in the least.
K 33:25-27
Set 66, Count 131-133
[33.25] And Allah turned back the unbelievers in their rage; they did not obtain any advantage, and Allah sufficed the believers in fighting; and Allah is Strong, Mighty. [33.26] And He drove down those of the followers of the Book who backed them from their fortresses and He cast awe into their hearts; some [Jews] you killed and you took captive another part. [33.27] And He made you heirs to their [Jewish] land and their dwellings and their property, and (to) a land which you have not yet trodden, and Allah has power over all things.
K 33:050
Set 67, Count 134
O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those [captive women] whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her—specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
K 42:039
Set 68, Count 135
Sale: …and who, when an injury is done them, avenge themselves
K 47:004
Set 69, Count 136
So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make (them) prisoners, and afterwards either set them free as a favor or let them ransom (themselves) until the war terminates. That (shall be so); and if Allah had pleased He would certainly have exacted what is due from them, but that He may try some of you by means of others; and (as for) those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will by no means allow their deeds to perish.
K 47:020
Set 70, Count 137
And those who believe say: Why has not a chapter been revealed? But when a decisive chapter is revealed, and fighting [allusion to Jihad] is mentioned therein you see those in whose hearts is a disease look to you with the look of one fainting because of death. Woe to them then!
K 47:035
Set 71, Count 138
Rodwell: Be not fainthearted then; and invite not the infidels to peace when ye have the upper hand: for God is with you, and will not defraud you of the recompense of your works
K 48:15-24
Set 72, Count 139-148
[48.15] Pickthall: Those who were left behind will say, when ye set forth to capture booty: Let us go with you. They fain would change the verdict of Allah. Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Ye shall not go with us. Thus hath Allah said beforehand. Then they will say: Ye are envious of us. Nay, but they understand not, save a little. [48.16] Shakir: Say to those of the dwellers of the desert who were left behind: You shall soon be invited (to fight) against a people possessing mighty prowess; you will fight against them until they submit; then if you obey, Allah will grant you a good reward [booty]; and if you turn back as you turned back before, He will punish you with a painful punishment. [48.17] Pickthall: There is no blame for the blind, nor is there blame for the lame, nor is there blame for the sick (that they go not forth to war). And whoso obeyeth Allah and His messenger [by going on Jihad], He will make him enter Gardens underneath which rivers flow; and whoso turneth back [from Jihad], him will He punish with a painful doom. [48.18] Certainly Allah was well pleased with the believers when they swore allegiance to you under the tree, and He knew what was in their hearts, so He sent down tranquility on them and rewarded them with a near victory, [48.19] And much booty that they will capture. Allah is ever Mighty, Wise. [48.20] Allah promised you many acquisitions which you will take, then He hastened on this one for you and held back the hands of men from you, and that it may be a sign for the believers and that He may guide you on a right path. [48.21] Sale: And [he also promiseth you] other [spoils], which ye have not [yet] been able [to take]: But now hath God encompassed them [for you]; and God is almighty. [48.22] And if those who disbelieve fight with you, they would certainly turn (their) backs, then they would not find any protector or a helper. [48.23] Such [i.e., the Jihad mentioned the previous verse] has been the course [practice] of Allah that has indeed run before, and you shall not find a change in Allah’s course. [48.24] And He [Allah] it is Who held back their hands from you and your hands from them [in Jihad] in the valley of Mecca after He had given you victory over them; and Allah is Seeing what you do.
K 49:015
Set 73, Count 149
Sale: Verily the true believers [are] those only who believe in God and his apostle, and afterwards doubt not; and who employ their substance and their persons in the defense of God’s true religion: These are they who speak sincerely.
K 59:002
Set 74, Count 150
He it is Who caused those who disbelieved of the followers of the Book to go forth from their homes at the first banishment you did not think that they would go forth, while they were certain that their fortresses would defend them against Allah; but Allah came to them whence they did not expect, and cast terror into their hearts; they demolished their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers [i.e. Muslims demolished Jewish homes]; therefore take a lesson, O you who have eyes!
K 59:5-8
Set 75, Count 151-154
Pickthall:[59.5] Whatsoever palm-trees you cut—cut down or left standing on their roots [during a Jihad siege of the Jews at Madina], it was by Allah‘s leave, in order that He might confound the evil-livers [Jews]. [59.6] And that which Allah gave as spoil unto His messenger from them, you urged not any horse or riding-camel for the sake thereof, but Allah gives His messenger lordship over whom He will. Allah is Able to do all things. [59.7] That which Allah gives as [war] spoil unto His messenger from the people of the townships [Jews], it is for Allah and His messenger and for the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, that it become not a commodity between the rich among you. And whatsoever [spoils] the messenger gives you, take it. And whatsoever he forbids, abstain (from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal. [59.8] And (it is) for the poor fugitives who have been driven out from their homes and their belongings, who seek bounty [war spoils] from Allah and help Allah and His messenger. They are the loyal.
K 59:014
Set 76, Count 155
They will not fight against you in a body save in fortified towns or from behind walls; their fighting between them is severe, you may think them as one body, and their hearts are disunited; that is because they are a people who have no sense.
K 60:009
Set 77, Count 156
Allah only forbids you respecting those who made war upon you on account of (your) religion [i.e., no fraternizing with the enemy], and drove you forth from your homes and backed up (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends with them, and whoever makes friends with them, these are the unjust.
K 61:004
Set 78, Count 157
Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall.
K 61:011
Set 79, Count 158
You shall believe in Allah and His Apostle, and struggle hard in Allah‘s way [Jihad] with your property and your lives; that is better for you, did you but know!
K 61:013
Set 80, Count 159
And yet another (blessing) that you love: help from Allah and a victory [in Jihad] near at hand; and give good news to the believers.
K 63:004
Set 81, Count 160
And when you see them, their persons will please you, and If they speak, you will listen to their speech; (they are) as if they were big pieces of wood clad with garments; they think every cry to be against them. They are the enemy, therefore beware of them; may Allah destroy them, whence are they turned back? [This verse speaks of internecine Jihad against Muslims deemed infidels or “hypocrites.”]
K 64:014
Set 82, Count 161
O you who believe! surely from among your wives and your children there is an enemy to you; therefore beware of them [collaborators with the enemy, especially if the women were once war spoils]; and if you pardon and forbear and forgive, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
K 66:009
Set 83, Count 162
O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be hard against them; and their abode is hell; and evil is the resort.
K 73:020
Set 84, Count 163
Surely your Lord knows that you pass in prayer nearly two-thirds of the night, and (sometimes) half of it, and (sometimes) a third of it, and (also) a party of those with you; and Allah measures the night and the day. He knows that you are not able to do it, so He has turned to you (mercifully), therefore read what is easy of the Quran. He knows that there must be among you sick, and others who travel in the land seeking of the bounty of Allah, and others who fight in Allah‘s way, therefore read as much of it as is easy (to you), and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and offer to Allah a goodly gift, and whatever of good you send on beforehand for yourselves, you will find it with Allah; that is best and greatest in reward; and ask forgiveness of Allah; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
K 76:008
Set 85, Count 164
And they [Muslims] give food out of love for Him [Allah] to the poor and the orphan and the captive [of Jihad]

VI. Footnotes

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The aftermath of the Reclaim Australia rallies.

After the Reclaim Australia rallies over the weekend of 18th & 19th of July which saw a very good turn out in Perth for the supporters of RAR. There was also a protest held at all of the RA rallies by those people of differing views but also violence. At the Melbourne, Sydney and Perth events as many are aware several members of the protesters were arrested by the fantastic Police turnout. It is also worth pointing out that the Police had their backs to the RA crowds. Now surely if the RA supporters were an issue then the Police would be looking at them and not the protesters, wouldn’t they?
So given that had happened and has gained considerable media attention which was pretty good for the RA crew and supporters as it showed the country who were indeed the intolerant violent bigots. Notably the rallies were mentioned on the Bolt Report and all the major TV networks which clearly show who the perpetrators of violence were with images of them rightfully being pepper sprayed.

Given the events on the weekend it has led to the Western Australian governments Minister for Multicultural Interests Mike Nahan to come out and give an interview on the matter. Have a read what the ABC had to say in the link at the bottom.

Now there is still a long way to go but pay particular attention to the words the minister is using when he is talking about the two groups. Okay it may not seem like a lot but it is something. What is it? It is the government no longer calling the people and supporters of Reclaim Australia as racists. Yes okay xenophobic is still not quite right but the language is heading in the right direction but still a long, long way to go. The government need to learn that Islam is not a “…..peace-loving religion.” Islam is far from that. Can Islam be anything other than that? Well the answer for that isn’t a simple no nor is it a straight forward yes either. There are many people, Muslims included that will tell you that Islam cannot be changed as it is the word of god.
Well to that I say look at the history of the Qur’an and see when it was put to paper, some almost 100 years after the Prophet Muhammad supposedly passed away. If this is indeed the case as per the history of Islam, not Muslims history alone but the historical evidence kind of history which is the one we all should be subscribing to, then this can indeed be changed. Taking that into consideration though it isn’t quite so simple.

Who reading this has ever been able to successfully unlearn something that has been a big, all encompassing part of your life. I don’t mean you read it a bit then put it down and get on with your life kind of following the religion but not really. I mean literally every part, every aspect of your life from when you wake in the morning until when you go to sleep and how to sleep if you are a true follower of the Qur’an as it was spoken by the Prophet. Don’t forget all the supporting literature needs to be addressed as well. Some Muslims will say the hadith needs to be followed along with the Qur’an as it is a literal recount of how the Prophet lived his life and how to therefore interpret the book. However others will say that as it isn’t the literal word of Allah then it is nothing but hearsay (now that is irony there people). There also are many books written by Muslims that Muslims learning about what it is to be Islamic and what you can’t do rather than what you can do. So as I say if you were born in to the religion it would be extremely hard to give that all up so quickly. If you are a convert it may or may not be slightly easier.
It would be a huge and long undertaking to suddenly expect all Muslims worldwide to give that all away over night. In fact it is a ridiculous thing to even suggest honestly. Who would police it and how strict do you be? So given that the WA state government has taken some notice there needs to be a movement to now get governments and the Muslim community to come out and finally start telling the full truth about Islam.

Now since these rallies I have personally spoken with many people on social media and it is more than evident that the majority of people defending Islam, not Muslims, have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. To those that may not be aware Islam is not a person so what is there to defend? We are openly allowed to discuss any other religion but just not Islam. Why is that? So yes the WA state governments position of integrating the Muslims into the community better and bringing about better education is indeed a key point and is the only way to have any kind of success with this. The biggest issue with this though is if all parties aren’t going to be totally upfront and honest about it then nothing will ever come of it. There are many very well educated people in Australia that are not Muslim but they have much more knowledge of Islam than likely most Muslims in Australia, the United Kingdom, America and Europe do. Why do I say this? Purely because I have witnessed it with my own eyes and ears.

We demand that Muslims in Australia start admitting that there are many different sects within Islam and that each separate one of those calls itself the only true Islam. Islam as per the Qur’an and hadith was not supposed to be so divided yet it is. Muslims need to be accepting to themselves that even though they are all Muslims they all may well follow it in such a different way. Don’t believe me then go look at the fights between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims since almost the beginning of Islamic time. They have been killing each other over this very issue for centuries. So yes it is fair to say that some of the much more peaceful followers of Islam, the ones that consider only the 1st Meccan parts of the Qur’an where Muhammad was talking only peace as the only parts that need to be followed (Read the Qur’an though and it is a different story), have come here to Australia seeking genuine asylum from the warring Sunni and Shia Muslims. However we take all kinds of Muslims into Australia and the countries I listed above and none of them have to list which sect they belong to and how peaceful it is. Look at it this way, if they aren’t honest with us about the Qur’an and about Islam how are we the general public supposed to ever trust them when we see a much different picture throughout the world. We already have terrorist organisations here in Australia that will say they will bring the true Islam and Sharia Law down on us. Then other Muslims that their Islam is peaceful yet Sharia is good. Then other Muslims saying Sharia will never come here as they want to follow our laws. Who are we to believe?!
This is exactly why the government need to use language that is 100% completely honest. Get the likes of Dr Mark Durie to come and speak on these very issues so Australians can truly begin to understand what Islam is, by Australians I mean all those people that see themselves as only Australian and nothing else. We need all followers of all Islam to know that if they can speak out when things we non Muslims do offends them then they have to accept, not tolerate, that if they do things we are offended by then we too have the right to speak out without reprisal. Religion should be private and for in the house or in the place of worship and not out in public. Isn’t that the idea of living in a secular society where public lives, including government, aren’t affected by religious views. That goes for all religions. All we the general, concerned public want to see is open, honest and transparent policies put in place that benefit all equally or punish all equally and fairly within the laws of the land. There must not ever be any cultural sensitivities taken in to consideration when it comes to matters of the law. It really is simple, if you don’t want to live by our laws then you are free to leave. Australians, even those involved in the Reclaim Australia movement are happy for immigrants to come to Australia of all different ethnic traits . What we don’t want is some to be seen to be given preferential treatment over others. Honestly in the 21st century is that really too much to ask for?
It is time the Governments and the media plus the Muslim communities (don’t think it is just one) to step up and have an honest, open discussion group.




“Extremists…have given Islam a bad name, but…have no connection with the religion” Really?

It is extremely telling indeed when the media do not report on the many different sects within Islam even though there isn’t supposed to be any, lucky for us though that there are.

I am not against asylum seekers. I am against country shoppers. Those that come here genuinely with all the correct papers and so on then brilliant bring em on in.
I am not against Muslims. I am against Islamists that follow the true writings of their religion. Regardless if a lot of Muslims don’t want to admit any of this has something to do with their religion, it just does and accept that it does and work with us to stop those that want to affect even your lives.
I am against all religion but that is my  choice and it should remain my choice. I am against having the religious side of Christmas and for me it has a totally different meaning and Easter is just  a holiday. Do not shove any of it down my throat or others that think like me.
I am against the way government is run by what  seems to be corrupt politicians that struggle to even answer a question with a straight honest reply.
I am against big business believing they can intimidate or feel they can buy power in the form of government.
I am against aggression and see no need for it at all but there does come a time when that is the only avenue left but it must only ever be used sparingly and for the right reasons and never for profit financially. Is that naive of me, perhaps but if someone is going to kill me I am going to act in defense the best way I can and that is what I expect of any country.

So as can be seen I am against many things but for me my family and country come first and I see a clear and present danger within the Islamic community that is having a huge impact along with many other issues in my country. I was born here of no choice of my own. If I could have had a choice I would have been born in Ireland but we don’t get that choice do we. So don’t blame me for the mistakes of past generations as it isn’t my fault and I am standing up for what I see needs to be done. Are you prepared to do the same?

This is the kind of article that the mainstream media churns out by the pound after every jihad attack, and there is nothing striking or unusual about this one — which is precisely why I am posting it. Mark Hall of WHTM in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania doesn’t alert his readers to the fact that he is interviewing not mainstream Sunni Muslims, but Ahmadiyya, who preach peace and are despised and persecuted as heretics by Sunnis in Pakistan and Indonesia. In Pakistan, they’re even forbidden by law to identify themselves as Muslims. Thus their views, however soothing to American Infidels, are hardly mainstream in Islam, and Hall, wittingly or unwittingly, is misleading his readers into a dangerous complacency.

Note also that the Chattanooga jihadist, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was quite explicitly and self-consciously devout in his Islam. When therefore someone says, as here below, “unfortunately, there are a few extremists that have given Islam a bad name, but those people have no connection with the religion,” this doesn’t clear up anything. It only raises the question, left unpursued by Mark Hall, as to why and how people who so clearly wish to be devout and scrupulous in their observance of Islam, such as Abdulazeez, get their religion so wrong as to do something in its name that actually has no connection to the religion at all. This is the key question, and in the mainstream media it’s always left unanswered, and unasked.

“Local Muslims on Tennessee shootings: Islam does not teach hate,” by Mark Hall, WHTM, July 17, 2015:

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Members of the Hadee Mosgue took part in a prayer service on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan. Many of those in attendance have been fasting to remember those who are less fortunate.

A lot of those in attendance said they always feel the pain of innocent people killed at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Aquil Sharif was born in York County and has been a Muslim since birth. He says violence is not the answer among the true followers of Islam, but he says it happens all the time.

“Unfortunately, there are a few extremists that have given Islam a bad name,” Sharif said, “but those people have no connection with the religion.”

Sharif says as soon as he heard about the shootings in Chattanooga, he expected an attack on Islam by those who call Islam a religion of hate.

Dr. Zarar Bajwa says true followers of Islam love all people, and those who were responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001 also hijacked the religion.

“Islam does not teach hate,” Bajwa said. “There may be some radicals, but that does not make the religion bad.”




Anatomy of an apologist: A double-act play

Nadeem Paracha captures the mindset of the Islamist apologist with biting satire here.

Anatomy of an apologist: A double-act play
Nadeem F. Paracha — Published Dec 20, 2014 05:22pm

But we planted the bomb, fool. No, you didn't! —Credit: Freepik
But we planted the bomb, fool. No, you didn’t! —Credit: Freepik

Terrorist: We have just bombed a market to avenge the military’s operation against us.

Outraged Man: You are an animal!

Apologist: Gentlemen, gentlemen, please, this is serious.

Outraged Man: You animal, you slaughtered innocent people!

Apologist: No, he didn’t.

Terrorist: Yes, we did.

Outraged Man: You heard him. He said he did.

Apologist: Well, yes and no.

Outraged Man: What do you mean?

Terrorist: Yes, what do you mean?

Apologist: Well, yes the bombing they did was a condemnable act, but they didn’t do it.

Outraged Man: But he just said he did, and even you said ‘the bombing they did …’

Apologist: Okay, let me rephrase it. The bombing was a condemnable act done by the enemies of our faith and the country.

Terrorist: You calling me an enemy of faith?

Apologist: No, I’m calling those who planted the bomb, the enemy.

Terrorist: But we planted the bomb, fool.

Apologist: No, you didn’t.

Outraged Man: But he just said that he did.

Apologist: Well, yes and no.

Outraged Man: Are you deaf?

Terrorist: Don’t call him deaf, infidel.

Outraged Man: Oh, so now you agree with him?

Terrorist: I agree that he is not deaf.

Outraged Man: But he says you didn’t bomb that market.

Terrorist: Yes, we did. And we shall carry out more such attacks!

Apologist: Our brother is angry …

Outraged Man: He’s not my brother! How can you call him your brother?

Apologist: Because he is. We have misunderstood him. We need to guide him back from the wrong course he has taken …

Terrorist: The heck you do. You are the ones on the wrong course. We will destroy that course by bombing it out of existence, like we bombed that market.

Apologist: No, you didn’t.

Outraged Man: But he just said he did. You are deaf!

Terrorist: Don’t call him deaf. And yes, I said we bombed that market.

Apologist: Gentlemen, gentlemen, both of you are being used by our enemies.

Terrorist: You are our enemy!

Apologist (discreetly pointing at the Outraged Man and whispering): No, no, he … he is your enemy.

Outraged Man: I heard that! You hypocrite!

Terrorist: Don’t call him a hypocrite, you hypocrite. Only I can call him a hypocrite.

Outraged Man: You are the biggest hypocrite there is. A reptile …

Apologist: Gentlemen, gentlemen, can the both of you just sit together like two good patriots and talk things out? Let’s give peace a chance, shall we?

Outraged Man: How can one talk peace with people who are hell-bent on destroying everything in their path?

Terrorist: Yes, we do destroy, for the greater good of the faith and the …

Outraged Man: Oh, please, spare us your ill-informed and vile nonsense, you reptile!

Terrorist: You infidel and stooges of the West …!

Apologist: He has a point.

Outraged Man: What?

Apologist: We are fighting them on the behest of the West, aren’t we?

Outraged Man: So you are saying it is okay for them to slaughter our civilians, cops, politicians and soldiers?

Apologist: No, no, this is not what I am saying. I am saying that terrorism in our country is due to us trying to fight a war that is not our own.

Outraged Man: So thus it is okay to indulge in shameless bloodbaths?

Apologist: Our brothers are not responsible for this …

Terrorist: Yes, we are!

Apologist: No, you aren’t!

Outraged Man: He just said he is, you ostrich.

Terrorist: Don’t call him an ostrich, you dog!

Outraged Man: Dogs at least have emotions, unlike snakes …

Terrorist: You infidels, I’ll blow you all!

Apologist (discretely pointing towards the Outraged Man and whispering): Him, him … he’s the dog …

Outraged Man: I saw that! You both are one and the same.

Apologist: We don’t want war. We want peace. Right, misguided brother?

Terrorist: I want pieces. Pieces of those who are stopping our path towards attaining a pious state and …

Outraged Man: Oh, so you want to build your pious state with the innocent pieces of men, women and children?

Terrorist: They are not innocent. None of you are!

Apologist: Gentlemen, gentlemen …

Outraged Man: Oh, shut up!

Terrorist: Don’t tell him to shut up …

Outraged Man: I wasn’t. I was telling you to shut up.

Apologist: Don’t tell him to shut up …

Terrorist: Shut up! I’m wearing a suicide vest, infidel!

Apologist: No, no, you’re not.

Terrorist: Yes, I am. Here, see.

Apologist: No, you’re not.

Outraged Man: But he just said he was. Can’t you see it? Are you blind?

Terrorist: Don’t call him blind.

Apologist: He was forced to wear one.

Outraged Man: Oh, so you agree that he is wearing one …

Apologist: No, I said he was forced to.

Terrorist: No, I wasn’t. Nobody forced me to.

Apologist: Yes, you were …

Outraged Man: Oh, for heaven’s sake …

Terrorist: Yes, that’s it.

Outraged Man: What?

Apologist: Gentlemen, gentlemen …

Outrage Man: Oh, shut up …

Terrorist: I said do not tell him to shut up (Boom! He explodes himself).

Outraged Man: cough cough See … I … I … told you, he was … was … was wearing one …

Apologist: cough cough Well … I guess, he was … But … cough … I don’t think he was one of us … I think he was foreign …

Outraged Man: But you called him a brother. Are you mad?

Terrorist: cough … cough … don’t … don’t …. don’t call him mad … (Passes away).
Act 2 (A week later):

Apologist: He was a martyr.

Outraged Man: Oh, so now you are calling him a martyr. What about those he slaughtered?

Apologist: They are martyrs as well. At least some of them.

Outraged Man: How can that be?

Apologist: Well, you see …

(An army man comes in): We have decided to launch a full scale operation against the terrorists. (He leaves).

Apologist: Hmmm. Anyway, so as I was saying, you see, these terrorists are animals, reptiles, brutes, and we should support the army in crushing them!

Outraged Man: Oh, now they are animals?

Apologist: Yes … foreign funded … like you.

Source: http://www.dawn.com/news/1152078