Qur’an cold calling

This evening I received a phone call from a number that seemed very strange to me.  While I was in the kitchen preparing our dinner for the evening I thought I had heard my phone ring. My wife and one of my daughters were sitting in the lounge room where my phone was but they were watching the television and there was an advert on that had a phone ringing and they thought that is what the noise was.
Anyway I came in to the lounge room to check my phone and indeed someone had called. I checked the number on the internet as it seemed weird as it was 0923158629876 and the search came up that 09231 was a German number. So I thought nothing of it and went back to what I was doing.
Suddenly my phone rang again so I answered it and it was a lady from either Pakistan or India. I immediately thought ‘Great another telemarketer’. It then hit me because I knew exactly who it was and why they were calling. On the weekend a friend had told me that she had had a phone call from someone trying to sell a program of learning about this religion online over a 3 month period. She said she wasn’t interested but new of someone that would be more than happy to talk to them, i.e. me.
So back to tonight and the phone call. The lady was telling me about this great offer where I could learn the Qur’an via an online course over a 3 month period, I acted like I had no idea what was going on, and that the classes were 3 a week 1 hour each. I replied to her that this is great that they are offering this for free to people and she was confused and said pardon, I repeated what I had said and she rather obviously said that no there was a fee for the course. I asked why were they charging people a fee for this and is there anything different that they can show me that I am not able to learn in my own version of the Qur’an. She had no answer at all for that.
Moving on to the main subject of the course, the Qur’an. I asked which version of the Qur’an they were going to teach me and again she was confused so I replied with ‘which version of the Qur’an was going to be taught to me, Sufi, Sunni, Shiite, Sunni Wahabi, Zaydis, Zaydis and so on” This really confused her and she replied with “Sunni” So I asked which branch of Islam and the Qur’an were they going to teach me then as again with Sunni there are different sects. At this I then heard a muffled male voice talking to her and her to him then all of a sudden she hung up on me.
So the point of this is that this is really rude that these people are phoning people to try and covert them. Okay they had been given my number by my friend but my friend was a random call. I find it also rude when people of any religion come to my door or phone me to try and get me to join their fairytale party.




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