We as a country must not let this happen again to any human.

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In Australia, until the 1960s, Aborigines came under the ‘Flora & Fauna Act’, which classified them as animals, not human beings.

This was just shocking and disgusting that fellow human beings were treated like this. This is exactly what is happening in the Middle East by Muslims. This is exactly why I am so against Islam. I am not Islamaphobic. I am not racist nor am I a bigot. I just don’t want to see this kind of behaviour appearing in Australia again. With the way the Australian Labor and the Greens with Sarah Hanson Young having an open door policy to absolutely everyone, there is a clear and present danger of this very act being allowed here.
This action from the ALP and Greens needs to be blocked right now. I am not saying this to block immigrants because my wife and children are immigrants as are a lot of my friends. I am not saying we should stop letting in asylum seekers because there are many millions that really do need help. What we need to join together and act as one is stopping this.
There many ways to stop this and the first is becoming educated in all of these subjects. This may not happen in our life time but it could likely happen in our children’s lifetime. Look at Europe, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Israel, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and so on. What makes Australia any different? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. We are a small nation on the grand scheme of things in the world and we do have an extremely small impact on the world and we are being forced by the UN to just take anyone. We cannot let that happen. We want and need people that want to come to Australia that wish to become a part of Australia and our values. Listen to David Cameron’s speech from the yesterday the 20/07, it is on Youtube and I very rarely agree with him but this is one thing i really do. Just as it is important to be a unite Britain we need to be doing exactly the same thing here. The Australian Parliament is not doing enough to achieve this and is in fact driving a wedge in the community. Multiculturalism does not work but multi-ethnicity will work if we as a nation want it to work.
The only way to stop this is take action right now and unite as one, people from all different walks of life need to do this now for out countries future. The spread of Islam and Islamism is a real, serious threat not just to Europe and America but to every country in the world.

Craig Robinson





3 thoughts on “We as a country must not let this happen again to any human.

    1. Firstly there is no radical Islam, there is only Islam. Have a look at other nations in the world and you will see this exact treatment is happening to real people, just as real as Australia’s Aboriginal people. There are people being treated as less than human by everyday followers of Islam. Take a look at Israel with Iran again coming out calling for its destruction because they are seen as less than human, just like the Aboriginals were by Australia. Do we want that coming to Australia or any other non Islamic country as well, no. This is not saying every follower of Islam necessarily wants this to happen but if Labor and the Greens have their way this could very well be the reality.


      1. well, first regarding the use of “radical islam” term, i just took the article words, quoting: “The spread of Radical Islam and Islamism is a real, serious threat”,
        second, Israelis regarded as less than humans is a pure fabrication, that was never the claim made by Iran
        third, there are humans treated as less than humans in every part in the world. just go look at the FOXCONN factories which make your Iphone. What is happening in Islamic countries is a mix of geopolitics and ethnic wars. You can rest nothing is coming to you… with the condition of not throwing your hand in someone else’s pocket !


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