The aftermath of the Reclaim Australia rallies.

After the Reclaim Australia rallies over the weekend of 18th & 19th of July which saw a very good turn out in Perth for the supporters of RAR. There was also a protest held at all of the RA rallies by those people of differing views but also violence. At the Melbourne, Sydney and Perth events as many are aware several members of the protesters were arrested by the fantastic Police turnout. It is also worth pointing out that the Police had their backs to the RA crowds. Now surely if the RA supporters were an issue then the Police would be looking at them and not the protesters, wouldn’t they?
So given that had happened and has gained considerable media attention which was pretty good for the RA crew and supporters as it showed the country who were indeed the intolerant violent bigots. Notably the rallies were mentioned on the Bolt Report and all the major TV networks which clearly show who the perpetrators of violence were with images of them rightfully being pepper sprayed.

Given the events on the weekend it has led to the Western Australian governments Minister for Multicultural Interests Mike Nahan to come out and give an interview on the matter. Have a read what the ABC had to say in the link at the bottom.

Now there is still a long way to go but pay particular attention to the words the minister is using when he is talking about the two groups. Okay it may not seem like a lot but it is something. What is it? It is the government no longer calling the people and supporters of Reclaim Australia as racists. Yes okay xenophobic is still not quite right but the language is heading in the right direction but still a long, long way to go. The government need to learn that Islam is not a “…..peace-loving religion.” Islam is far from that. Can Islam be anything other than that? Well the answer for that isn’t a simple no nor is it a straight forward yes either. There are many people, Muslims included that will tell you that Islam cannot be changed as it is the word of god.
Well to that I say look at the history of the Qur’an and see when it was put to paper, some almost 100 years after the Prophet Muhammad supposedly passed away. If this is indeed the case as per the history of Islam, not Muslims history alone but the historical evidence kind of history which is the one we all should be subscribing to, then this can indeed be changed. Taking that into consideration though it isn’t quite so simple.

Who reading this has ever been able to successfully unlearn something that has been a big, all encompassing part of your life. I don’t mean you read it a bit then put it down and get on with your life kind of following the religion but not really. I mean literally every part, every aspect of your life from when you wake in the morning until when you go to sleep and how to sleep if you are a true follower of the Qur’an as it was spoken by the Prophet. Don’t forget all the supporting literature needs to be addressed as well. Some Muslims will say the hadith needs to be followed along with the Qur’an as it is a literal recount of how the Prophet lived his life and how to therefore interpret the book. However others will say that as it isn’t the literal word of Allah then it is nothing but hearsay (now that is irony there people). There also are many books written by Muslims that Muslims learning about what it is to be Islamic and what you can’t do rather than what you can do. So as I say if you were born in to the religion it would be extremely hard to give that all up so quickly. If you are a convert it may or may not be slightly easier.
It would be a huge and long undertaking to suddenly expect all Muslims worldwide to give that all away over night. In fact it is a ridiculous thing to even suggest honestly. Who would police it and how strict do you be? So given that the WA state government has taken some notice there needs to be a movement to now get governments and the Muslim community to come out and finally start telling the full truth about Islam.

Now since these rallies I have personally spoken with many people on social media and it is more than evident that the majority of people defending Islam, not Muslims, have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. To those that may not be aware Islam is not a person so what is there to defend? We are openly allowed to discuss any other religion but just not Islam. Why is that? So yes the WA state governments position of integrating the Muslims into the community better and bringing about better education is indeed a key point and is the only way to have any kind of success with this. The biggest issue with this though is if all parties aren’t going to be totally upfront and honest about it then nothing will ever come of it. There are many very well educated people in Australia that are not Muslim but they have much more knowledge of Islam than likely most Muslims in Australia, the United Kingdom, America and Europe do. Why do I say this? Purely because I have witnessed it with my own eyes and ears.

We demand that Muslims in Australia start admitting that there are many different sects within Islam and that each separate one of those calls itself the only true Islam. Islam as per the Qur’an and hadith was not supposed to be so divided yet it is. Muslims need to be accepting to themselves that even though they are all Muslims they all may well follow it in such a different way. Don’t believe me then go look at the fights between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims since almost the beginning of Islamic time. They have been killing each other over this very issue for centuries. So yes it is fair to say that some of the much more peaceful followers of Islam, the ones that consider only the 1st Meccan parts of the Qur’an where Muhammad was talking only peace as the only parts that need to be followed (Read the Qur’an though and it is a different story), have come here to Australia seeking genuine asylum from the warring Sunni and Shia Muslims. However we take all kinds of Muslims into Australia and the countries I listed above and none of them have to list which sect they belong to and how peaceful it is. Look at it this way, if they aren’t honest with us about the Qur’an and about Islam how are we the general public supposed to ever trust them when we see a much different picture throughout the world. We already have terrorist organisations here in Australia that will say they will bring the true Islam and Sharia Law down on us. Then other Muslims that their Islam is peaceful yet Sharia is good. Then other Muslims saying Sharia will never come here as they want to follow our laws. Who are we to believe?!
This is exactly why the government need to use language that is 100% completely honest. Get the likes of Dr Mark Durie to come and speak on these very issues so Australians can truly begin to understand what Islam is, by Australians I mean all those people that see themselves as only Australian and nothing else. We need all followers of all Islam to know that if they can speak out when things we non Muslims do offends them then they have to accept, not tolerate, that if they do things we are offended by then we too have the right to speak out without reprisal. Religion should be private and for in the house or in the place of worship and not out in public. Isn’t that the idea of living in a secular society where public lives, including government, aren’t affected by religious views. That goes for all religions. All we the general, concerned public want to see is open, honest and transparent policies put in place that benefit all equally or punish all equally and fairly within the laws of the land. There must not ever be any cultural sensitivities taken in to consideration when it comes to matters of the law. It really is simple, if you don’t want to live by our laws then you are free to leave. Australians, even those involved in the Reclaim Australia movement are happy for immigrants to come to Australia of all different ethnic traits . What we don’t want is some to be seen to be given preferential treatment over others. Honestly in the 21st century is that really too much to ask for?
It is time the Governments and the media plus the Muslim communities (don’t think it is just one) to step up and have an honest, open discussion group.




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