Muslim Honor Killings


Honor killings are an irrevocable part of sharia law and Islam. Most of the victims of these killings are female, and someone killed for “honor” could have been charged with something as trivial as a suspicion,  and the usual accusation is adultery. This barbaric practice is driven by the delusion that only the death of the offending person will restore honor within the family, and honor killings are almost always carried out by immediate family members. There is usually no trial, no chance for the victim to defend themselves or any consideration for the victim. Victims can be stoned to death publicly, set on fire, have acid thrown at them that melts away their flesh, be decapitated or have their throat cut, or simply shot down n cold blood – all of this is quite often without warning.

Honor Killings

There is a deep rooted gender bias within the act of honour…

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