“Extremists…have given Islam a bad name, but…have no connection with the religion” Really?

It is extremely telling indeed when the media do not report on the many different sects within Islam even though there isn’t supposed to be any, lucky for us though that there are.

I am not against asylum seekers. I am against country shoppers. Those that come here genuinely with all the correct papers and so on then brilliant bring em on in.
I am not against Muslims. I am against Islamists that follow the true writings of their religion. Regardless if a lot of Muslims don’t want to admit any of this has something to do with their religion, it just does and accept that it does and work with us to stop those that want to affect even your lives.
I am against all religion but that is my  choice and it should remain my choice. I am against having the religious side of Christmas and for me it has a totally different meaning and Easter is just  a holiday. Do not shove any of it down my throat or others that think like me.
I am against the way government is run by what  seems to be corrupt politicians that struggle to even answer a question with a straight honest reply.
I am against big business believing they can intimidate or feel they can buy power in the form of government.
I am against aggression and see no need for it at all but there does come a time when that is the only avenue left but it must only ever be used sparingly and for the right reasons and never for profit financially. Is that naive of me, perhaps but if someone is going to kill me I am going to act in defense the best way I can and that is what I expect of any country.

So as can be seen I am against many things but for me my family and country come first and I see a clear and present danger within the Islamic community that is having a huge impact along with many other issues in my country. I was born here of no choice of my own. If I could have had a choice I would have been born in Ireland but we don’t get that choice do we. So don’t blame me for the mistakes of past generations as it isn’t my fault and I am standing up for what I see needs to be done. Are you prepared to do the same?

This is the kind of article that the mainstream media churns out by the pound after every jihad attack, and there is nothing striking or unusual about this one — which is precisely why I am posting it. Mark Hall of WHTM in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania doesn’t alert his readers to the fact that he is interviewing not mainstream Sunni Muslims, but Ahmadiyya, who preach peace and are despised and persecuted as heretics by Sunnis in Pakistan and Indonesia. In Pakistan, they’re even forbidden by law to identify themselves as Muslims. Thus their views, however soothing to American Infidels, are hardly mainstream in Islam, and Hall, wittingly or unwittingly, is misleading his readers into a dangerous complacency.

Note also that the Chattanooga jihadist, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was quite explicitly and self-consciously devout in his Islam. When therefore someone says, as here below, “unfortunately, there are a few extremists that have given Islam a bad name, but those people have no connection with the religion,” this doesn’t clear up anything. It only raises the question, left unpursued by Mark Hall, as to why and how people who so clearly wish to be devout and scrupulous in their observance of Islam, such as Abdulazeez, get their religion so wrong as to do something in its name that actually has no connection to the religion at all. This is the key question, and in the mainstream media it’s always left unanswered, and unasked.

“Local Muslims on Tennessee shootings: Islam does not teach hate,” by Mark Hall, WHTM, July 17, 2015:

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Members of the Hadee Mosgue took part in a prayer service on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan. Many of those in attendance have been fasting to remember those who are less fortunate.

A lot of those in attendance said they always feel the pain of innocent people killed at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Aquil Sharif was born in York County and has been a Muslim since birth. He says violence is not the answer among the true followers of Islam, but he says it happens all the time.

“Unfortunately, there are a few extremists that have given Islam a bad name,” Sharif said, “but those people have no connection with the religion.”

Sharif says as soon as he heard about the shootings in Chattanooga, he expected an attack on Islam by those who call Islam a religion of hate.

Dr. Zarar Bajwa says true followers of Islam love all people, and those who were responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001 also hijacked the religion.

“Islam does not teach hate,” Bajwa said. “There may be some radicals, but that does not make the religion bad.”





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