Is Islam winning? You bet they are!


There is no doubt whatsoever that we in Australia have a problem with Islam and it would be folly to say or think otherwise. The problem is not only with radical Islam.  Self-proclaimed ‘moderate Muslims’ exacerbate the situation. Those who firstly fail to speak out in any meaningful way against what we know as ‘radical Islam’ and secondly the ‘moderate Muslims’ insist that the radicals have nothing to do with Islam.

Further confusion arises in the suggestion that Muslim youths are being radicalised and that radicalisation has resulted in a number of youths leaving Australia to join Islamic terrorists ISIL.

There exists reluctance from Islamic leaders to accept that radicalisation of their youth is taking place inside their own Mosques and Muslim bookshops. Some of these Islamic leaders state quite clearly that it is our fault that their youths are running off the rails.

Our government, ASIO, ASIS, our Defence Minister and his hapless Assistant Defence Minister, ADF leaders and defence bureaucrats should be getting together to formulate a logical and credible plan to recognise all aspects of the problems and take coordinated actions to correct them. What we see instead is a gaggle of politicians, bureaucrats, security agents and defence leaders who are all over the place, a veritable dogs breakfast. In the middle of that confusion there is Gillian Triggs, who, with her version of a Human Rights Commission believes we should be compensating Muslim criminals with taxpayers’ money.

So what has the government come up with to combat the problems associated with Islam in Australia? It planned to toughen up the laws on hate speech and anti-discrimination. It planned to introduce new anti-terror laws with the cooperation of the Islamic leaders. Those Islamic leaders immediately told Abbott to shove his new laws up his jumper. Goodness, after all we can’t have laws outlawing the promotion of Jihad—can we?

Toughening hate speech laws and failing to scrap 18C is really mindless and does little more than empower an army of “Thought Police” who will happily hound anyone with the temerity to call out the antics of Muslims here and overseas.

We should be asking why they are not toughening up the laws of treason and applying them to the many Islamic radicals who are seemingly allowed open slather in promoting terrorism and radicalising Muslim youth in their Mosques with a view to sending them to join overseas terrorist groups such as ISIS. There has never been a whole lot of common sense out of Inspector Clouseau and Schmidt the Spy.

It is mind boggling that the ADF now has an Islamic Imam who is sympathetic with Hizb ut-Tahrir, a banned terrorist organisation in a number of countries.  Hizb ut-Tahrir is the Islamic organisation that recently called for an Islamic army to be formed in Australia to force Sharia Law upon all Australians.

It doesn’t stop there. The Chief of our Navy in March 2013 appointed a Muslim Captain, Mona Shindy, to be the Strategic Advisor on Islamic Cultural Affairs. There were 15 Muslims serving in Navy and 88 employed across the ADF.

Some of the stuff that is coming from Captain Shindy is worrying and all Australians should view her words with utmost concern, if not alarm

Captain Shindy begins by telling us, “Why then have Muslims been linked to terrorism? Terrorism is an unjustifiable, abhorrent act that has nothing to do with Islam.”  There it is right from the start – Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

Some readers may not realise that our Navy has introduced a special uniform for Muslim women now serving within its ranks. That’s nothing to worry about you may think. Well, think about this; the introduction of the Hijab into official Australia Navy dress is in order to comply with the dress code required by the Quran and that now makes our Navy compliant with Sharia Law. Sharia Law is being surreptitiously introduced little by little in the hope we won’t notice. How many other ideologies are given that concession within the ADF?

Captain Shindy says that, “There is no way that Muslim women are oppressed.”  She goes on to contradict herself by saying that the exception is in certain Islamic countries (all of them). Confusing isn’t she?

Then comes a real doozy. According to Shindy, there is nothing wrong with Islam; it is our Western values that are the problem. Yep, there it is again – it is our fault. Here is what Shindy has to say about that,“Continuing to assess Muslim behaviour and lifestyle through a Western lens, shaped through Western historical experiences and understanding (which is very different to Islamic history and tradition), is fraught with danger and is perhaps the main reason for incorrect conclusions and views being reached.”

Yes, of course we reached incorrect conclusions that 99.9 % of terrorists throughout the world are Islamic. Gee, any fool can see how silly we are. So if we all change our way of thinking to fall into line with Islam then there won’t be a problem.

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of Islamic terrorist acts perpetrated every single day right throughout the world. There are hundreds of Islamic terrorist groups active across the planet and we know that is a fact because all of them tell us that they are Muslims.

According to Captain Shindy, we need to stop using the word Islam when discussing Islamic terrorists. The Captain says, “Indeed, the word ‘Islam’ needs to be removed from reporting on ISIS/ISIL or Daesh. The barbaric nature and ideology of these groups has nothing to do with Islam and we should work to limit their appeal to vulnerable Muslims, preventing the use and advertising of ‘Islam’ in their name.  

Captain Shindy doesn’t appear to understand that Muslims are their own enemies possessed of a victim mentality that leads them to believe that it is not they who are at fault but everyone else. The woman doesn’t make any reference to Muslims taking actions to clean up their own mess and that is probably because she firmly believes Islam has nothing to answer for.

They move into our world and expect us to change our lifestyle, our culture and our laws to suit them.  They make little if any effort to integrate and cite imaginary oppression that, if it exists, is brought upon them.

Written by Jack Cade, source




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