Is the Qur’an really the message of Allah?

We are told that the Qur’an is the message of Allah as told to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel over the remaining period of his life. As Muhammad could not read nor write in his lifetime the verses were committed to heart by his followers and no one it seems thought to commit it to paper until at least one year after his death. This apparently then took 20 years in total to piece together, or did it? It wasn’t until 100 years after his alleged death that the first sighting or knowledge of Islam and the Qur’an came into being with the first known reference to a Prophet called Muhammad appearing 60 years after his alleged death.
Now I have a hypothetical question to ask of people here: who can remember word for word what was told to them 15 years ago? Maybe even ten years ago? Okay well what about 2 months, you should be able to remember word for word what was said right, right? I am sure most of us here have heard of or even played the game of Chinese Whispers. Do you remember it started out as a simple thing like ” Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth” and we all know by the time it got down to the last person, quite sometime later, the message was completely different. Now there are those that will say ‘Oh but wait! The words may be different but the message is the same and therefore means exactly as what was spoken.’
So okay back to the prophet Muhammad. He said some things to his followers and we are to believe that they took his exact words over the next 20 years after he died and committed all of these to paper, oh and in the correct order! Well here comes the interesting thing. It seems they didn’t, or they did, or maybe they didn’t, oh wait only those that were closest to the prophet truly knew the correct order not the mere followers of him and the correct meanings. By this time the words of Allah had already been spread by word far and wide across the northern region of Africa and into Asia (Turkey, Afghanistan and the northern parts of India now known as Pakistan).
So now all of a sudden it is no longer the direct message of Allah as it has now been contaminated by man. So it was arranged into a nice little book for followers to read. These men that put together this book decided to put all the good nice peaceful bits he said while he was in Medina at the back of the book and all the evil stuff about killing and raping and so on at the front to look as though it had been abrogated by the later bits.
Now that last bit there is true. The Medina parts of the Qur’an were indeed abrogated by the Meccan parts which came later. We know that Muhammad was first kicked out of Mecca and he went and set up shop in Medina until he could get enough followers to go back and take Mecca. So now when you read the Qur’an in its chronological order, the order most Muslims don’t want you to know, the story becomes quite different.
Now fair call to Muhammad as he was not a dimwit. He spoke verses of peace and love for everyone when he first lived in Mecca as his new religion didn’t have a lot of followers. Later in Medina when he did gain more and more followers the verses became quite evil towards those that didn’t follow Islam. Now stop for a minute and think about this. Why is it the bigger and bigger and more and more people “joined” Muhammad did Islam become more about killing and raping and all the bad stuff? Surely if Allah was peaceful at the beginning wouldn’t he still be so as the numbers grew? Ah yes of course the larger Muhammad’s group of followers become the more resistance they experienced. Why if they were so peaceful would they receive any kind of resistance? Why would Allah say to Muhammad turn to killing until all people submit to him, by the way hence Islam, which means to submit. It just does not make any sense at all for a god to be so full of hate of everything he supposedly created. Why create it all just to hate it or ruin it.
So anyway at that time amongst all the battles, killing, conquering and expansion of this new ideology no one thought to put it to paper until after the self proclaimed prophet died? Honestly we’re supposed to believe that each time he spoke everyone had memories like no other human and was able to remember precisely what he said word for word throughout the remainder of Muhammad’s life and then for a further 20 years after his death?! Now I know there are people out there that if you tell them something they will remember it almost word for word but it is fair to say based on my own experience managing staff, that they won’t remember it for very long unless it is written down.
After Muhammad’s death man altered and quite probably added their own interpretation as to what was meant by these verses gifted to the prophet by the Angel Gabriel, see even Allah himself didn’t directly speak to Muhammad. Throw in the hadith as the teachings of how this person allegedly lived his life and one must ask: What sane person anywhere in the world with a peaceful mindset would follow such rubbish?

So look I am not going to go into the greatest depths of history of the time period in which Muhammad came up with these passages as it is all already out there. I do suggest people, no matter what faith, go and have a look and see what you find. I have read many books on the times of Muhammad and also many web based pieces and so on and they all say exactly what I have said so none of this is untrue. Have a read also of just two links of many that list the chronological order of the Qur’an and not the one Muslims want you to read. Have a read of it and also study the Hadith as well so you can then go and ask questions, question to people that actually know what they are talking about. People like Sam Harris, Dr Mark Durie, Maajid Nawaz, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Pamella Geller but also find Muslim Islamic scholars. Not your everyday Muslim you find on the street because some of them haven’t even read nor seen the Qur’an and only believe what they are told (hmmm that sounds familiar in this history line). Research it all. Take the time to truly get to know and understand exactly every facet of Islam and also Muslims. Learn the different cultures within Islam and see how Muslims are not just of one race. Learn the fights that happened within Islam to decide who should be the true successor of the prophet and why the Sunni and Shi’a went their separate ways. Learn about the Sufi Muslim and all other sects within Islam. Learn their interpretation of the exact same “book”. Don’t just take the word of what you read in the newspaper or hear on the television because yes a lot of times the reporter/presenter is putting in their own misconceptions of the topic in to the pieces. Especially don’t take the word of those on the left or those on the far right because those people aren’t open to true unbiased knowledge, plus most of them truly are crazy. Be careful though in who you align with though but most of all seek the truth. If you don’t have time to read then make time.




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