Muslim Sisterhood Behind Spate of Terror in Egypt: Report

With the majority of the Muslim Brotherhood’s top leadership in prison, the organization is being run by their wives, say Egyptian media reports.

Female supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood display the Rabia sign in a demonstration. Illustrative photo. (Photo: © Reuters)
Female supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood display the Rabia sign in a demonstration. Illustrative photo. (Photo: © Reuters)

According to the Egyptian media outlet Youm 7 (The Seventh Day), awomen’s network within the Muslim Brotherhood has been organizing terrorist attacks across Egypt, including the recentassassination of Attorney-General Hisham Barakat.

Youm 7 quoted unnamed sources who said wives of senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders are in charge of delivering assignments and messages from the international organization abroad to the terrorists within Egypt.

In this way, orders to carry out numerous terrorist attacks are sent from the officials of the Muslim Brotherhood in jail, who also give their blessing on a range of issues.

The wives of deposed Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi (whose name is Najla Ali); Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader, financier and power broker Khairat Al-Shater (Eizat Ahmad Tawfik ); and Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie (Samia Muhammed a-Shanawa ) are the most prominent.

Through the internet and social media, the women’s organization receives assignments from abroad.  These, in turn, are presented to the imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood officials who communicate their orders in codes to carry out terror attacks Egypt. These codes can be through reading suras of the Quran, numbers or hand signals.

Security sources believe that this women’s organization was behind most of the terror attacks, assassination incidents and explosions that have recently rocked Egypt. The most prominent of these was the assassination of the Attorney-General Hisham Barakat, although there have been many others.

The sources said that the women of the movement have a vital role of connecting the members of the organization and keeping it together. Eizat Ahmad Tawfik, al-Shater’s wife is responsible for organizing meetings and delivering assignments to members of the movement in the districts.

The women of the movement are holding meetings in an irregular fashion in the house of one of the officials in order to organize the call for the demonstrations. Most meetings take place in el-Tagamu el-Khames, a smart district in new Cairo where Najla ali Mahmud, Morsi’s wife attended four meetings.

The wives of leading officials meet only in groups of two or three at most so as to elude the security forces.

For this reason they use the wives of the officials of the second and third rank as intermediaries. They said younger members are essential to maintain these connections.

The Muslim Sisterhood Youth has formed electronic committees responsible for spreading pictures of events, such as dispersed demonstrations — like the sit-ins at the Rabia and el-Nahda mosques — and police brutality in an attempt to get more sympathy from the populace.

The Sisterhood Youth wing also translates everything that comes out of the organization, eg., announcements or demands, and sends it to the West in order to achieve more international support.





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